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I am a science journalist currently residing in Ontario, Canada, though as a product of the internet generation, the bounds of my homeland mean less than the reach of my slice of the twittersphere.

With an MA in journalism and a BSc in physical science and philosophy, I’m trained to–at the very least–question absolutely everything around me. There is no such thing as discovery in isolation, there is always more to know. How does it work? Who was involved? How will an advancement affect the community at large? Are you sure it isn’t the creation of a trickster demon?

My writing, largely focusing on climate change, environmental research, space, and science communication itself, has been published online and in print by the American Geophysical Union, Discover Magazine, Scientific American, New Scientist, Smithsonian Magazine, and others. My media theory writing has been used in university courses, and one of my essays has been adapted for a highschool-level textbook. To accompany my portfolio of written work, I am also comfortable filming, writing, and editing video, having produced features and shorts for the the Discovery Channel Canada show Daily Planet and the American Geophysical Union. A selected portion of my published portfolio can be found here.

While I am quite fond of many of the stories I’ve produced, I am even more pleased to see that they have attracted the attention of a number of prominent science writers, being discussed on, among others, Ed Yong’s Not Exactly Rocket Science, David Dobbs’ Neuron Culture, Bora Zivkovic’s A Blog Around the Clock, the Knight Science Journalism Tracker, the Nieman Journalism Lab‘s blog, and at the Canadian Science Writers’ Association‘s 2010 meeting at which I was an invited speaker.

If you would like to get in touch you can find me on twitter, or through email at – clnschltz[at]

– Colin Schultz

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