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Working with news: the Western journalism panel

May 5, 2010

This post won’t be so much a post, as a home for a bunch of videos.  In an attempt to stay current, the journalism program I just graduated from brings in a bunch of top people from the Canadian journalism industry every two years to give the teachers advice on what they are looking for in new graduates.

The meeting seems beneficial for the program, but it also gives the current wave of students a chance to schmooze some big-wigs over a delicious lunch. Part of the half-day event included a panel discussion, where industry people talk about the current state of working in different fields of journalism. They also had a rather lengthy question and answer session.

Videos are after the jump…

John Racovali is the Assistant Managing Editor for The National Post, a national circulation daily newspaper. He spoke about the importance of internships, and breaking into newspapers.

Jessica Ross is the Executive Editor for Homemakers magazine, a Canadian women’s health and general interest magazine. She spoke about the state of the magazine industry.

Rick Bogacz is the Editor in Chief of Microsoft Canada, running He spoke about working in online journalism.

The panel was then thrown open to a rather lengthy question and answer session. A number of topics were hit, including: what it takes to switch from reporter to editor, dealing with pressure from advertisers, and the importance of setting yourself apart with a unique specialty.

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  1. May 21, 2010 8:34 am

    Hey Collin,
    Sorry to post here but this was the only way for me to track you down. I caught your blog “lessons for scientists from the artistic process” at the plainspoken scientist. Thanks.
    The reference to that page seems broken now. How can I refer to it?

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